FarmHouse Fraternity promotes the growth and welfare of our members through a four-fold focus of intellectual, social/moral, spiritual and physical development. Such occurs when brothers – both students and alumni – gather together in a learning environment which inspires continued improvement as a scholar and as a gentleman of high character. Such affiliation encourages success in one’s career, in one’s personal relationships and in one’s community and civic engagement.


To build men during their collegiate experience and throughout life, the Fraternity promotes members to live our principals in our daily actions, as reflected in our name – Faith, Ambition, Reverence, Morality, Honesty, Obedience, Unity, Service and Excellence – FARMHOUSE.


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Ryan Herren
Samuel Rempe_edited.jpg
Sam Rempe
Vice President
Ben Vander Leest.jpg
Ben Vander Leest
Grant Kuehnast.jpg
Grant Kuehnast
Asst. Treasurer
Jacob Macvey.jpg
Jacob MacVey
Business Manager
lan Stravers_edited.jpg
Ian Stravers
Asst. Business Manager
Kolby Richter.jpg
Kolby Richter
Head Recruitment
Christopher Meyer.jpg
Chris Meyer
Asst. Recruitment
Abe Scheideman.jpg
Abe Scheideman
Alumni Director
John Titus Barnett.jpg
John Titus Barnett
Asst. Alumni Director
Max Carver.jpg
Max Carver
New Member Ed.
Matthew Cupp.jpg
Matthew Cupp
Asst. New Member Ed.
Gabriel Steenhoek.jpg
Gabe Steenhoek
Scholarship Chair
Samuel Nadler.jpg
Sam Nadler
Social Chair
Dane Hansen.jpg
Dane Hansen