1. What kind of man is FarmHouse looking for?

    FarmHouse Fraternity is looking to recruit men who are well-rounded individuals. We believe in a four-fold recruitment process: Social, Physical, Intellectual, and Spiritual. We try to find men who excel in all four areas and show the initiative to develop and improve as an individual.


  2. Do you have to be an agricultural major to join FarmHouse?

    A man does not have to be in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences in order to join FarmHouse. The origins of FarmHouse Fraternity trace back to seven students at the University of Missouri. They started FarmHouse Fraternity with hopes to promote their mutual interests through genuine fellowship. For them, agriculture was a part of their background and area of study. Since then, FarmHouse has expanded membership to all undergrads who are men of integrity and accept and embrace the ideals of the fraternity. 


  3. What majors do current members represent?

    The current chapter represents several colleges and majors. Most of the chapter is studying agriculture or engineering. FarmHouse definitely creates a great network of friends for men of all majors. There are always men to study with or men who have taken a class before to provide help or advice. 


  4. Do you have a house mom?

    Yes. Mary Claire Mohrfeld (aka "MC") has been our House Director since the fall of 2004.


  5. What is the living situation?

    The house has a capacity of 74 members with 2 to 5 men per room.  Each person in a room gets a desk, shelves, and a wardrobe closet.  We sleep in a different room than which we study which are cold airs or as we call them, the pads. One of the nicest things about living in FarmHouse verses a dormitory or apartment is that you have free range of the entire house which includes: study rooms, living rooms, our own kitchen, computer lab, TV room, and even more.


  6. Who prepares food and how do meals work?

    Our meals are prepared by our chef for lunch and dinner during the week. The chef is hired through the national culinary company, College Chefs. For breakfast we always have cereal, eggs, bagels and other breakfast food available.  Also, on Sundays we have donuts in the morning and at night we grill burgers.  Most guys in the house like to eat out on the weekends, make their own food at the house, or eat leftovers from the week.


  7. How much does it cost to live in FarmHouse?

    Currently House bills for each semester are approximately $4,000, which is cheaper than most residence rooms. As with the residence halls, this figure will probably increase with the rising costs of living.  Additionally, the house bill includes free laundry, parking, 24 hour kitchen, and full social calendar.  We are always working hard to keep our house bills as low as possible.


  8. I heard about the "four fold", what is that?

    In FarmHouse we have a set of virtues that we try to live by and always be improving upon.  They include Spiritual, Social, Physical, and Intellectual.  Every semester we each set goals on how to improve ourselves in each area.