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The Iowa State Chapter of FarmHouse Fraternity continues to move forward and maintain a high standard of excellence. Membership continues to grow and thrive as the university continues to grow and diversify. It is a credit to the current chapter members for recognizing and acting upon these growth opportunities without diluting or sacrificing one bit of our fraternity's core mission -- ­­­the intellectual, spiritual, physical and social development of young men. We, as alumni members of FarmHouse, now have the opportunity to build on that excellence.

If you have any question or want more information please contact Reid Crawford or Allison Rickels.

Reid W. Crawford

1830 17th Street, NW, #106 

Washington, DC 20009


Allison Rickels

Exec. Director, The FarmHouse Foundation

7306 NW Tiffany Springs Pkwy, Suite 310

Kansas City, MO 64153


How may I contribute to the campaign?

1. Reach out to Reid Crawford if you would like to discuss the project and how to contribute. Some less traditional contributions to consider include in-kind giving (this could include grain, real estate, building materials, etc.) or matching gifts via your employer


2. Download a pledge form from this website, or request one via Reid Crawford.


3. Complete the pledge form and return to either Reid Crawford or Allison Rickels.

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